Blue Sky Bagels of Boise Idaho
Downtown 407 W Main St Chinden 12375 Chinden State St 5517 W. State St Meridian 3161 E Fairview
April 2020 Update: The Main St and Fairview stores are now open 7-3 every day. Chinden will open Wednesday April 29. State St will open Thursday April 30.

Follow the life of a bagel
from flour to finish!

The Life of a Bagel

Click a Step:

  1. The Ingredients
  2. The Mixer
  3. Kneading & Mashing
  4. The Divider
  5. The Former
  6. The Proofer
  7. Into Cold Storage
  8. The Kettle
  9. A Boiling Bath
  10. Onto the Sticks
  11. Into the Oven
  12. The Flip
  13. Baked to Perfection
  14. Into the Baskets
  15. Made To Your Specs
  16. Enjoyed by Many